Insurance solutions for every possible marine risk.
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Non-Delivery Insurance

Non Delivery Insurance Covers appreciation of value beyond amounts insured under the Builders Risk Insurance and/or the Refund Guarantee, and should be considered in a rising market or on securing of an advantageous charter.

Cyber Attack Exclusion Buyback Insurance

A Cyber Attack Buyback Insurance provides cover for cyber attack risks that are otherwise excluded under standard and paramount Cyber Risks Exclusions Clauses such as the Institute Cyber Attach Exclusion Clause (CL380).

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Blocking & Trapping Insurance

Blocking and Trapping Insurance responds if the vessel or vessels are physically blocked or trapped in ports, rivers, waterways, channels, or similar due to congestion, accidents or external physical damage caused by civil risks, war risks, nature cats and force majeure events. The insurance pays an agreed daily indemnity.

In 2015 we insured a total of 2.5 billion dollars of charter hire.
Expropriation - Mobile Assets

Actions of Foreign Governments can lead to the loss of mobile assets or equipment held overseas including stocks, inventory, contractor’s plant and equipment or similar leased or mortgaged assets, including loss of rental or lease income. An Expropriation Insurance reduces these risks.

Documentary Credits & Guarantees

Financial Institutions and their clients are at risk of non-payment under Letters of Credit and other Instruments issued in accordance with UCP 600 and received from overseas Banks. Insurance can be arranged to cover the risk of default by the obligor bank as well as political issues preventing payment.

Loss of Hire Insurance

Loss of Hire insurance covers daily loss of income following a physical damage to the vessel. The loss as a general rule must be recoverable under the H&M cover, but can be extended to respond to war risk, and certain non-physical events.

Electronic Client Portal

If you are an organisation within the marine industry who handles large amounts of insurance documents and/or has the need to share this with a multitude of parties (banks, shipmanagers, investors, superintendents, fleet managers, accounting departments) our Electronic Client Portal may be the solution for you: "We will do the administration for you".