Insurance solutions for every possible marine risk.
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Cargo and Specie Insurance

Cargo and Specie Insurance is offered by our specialist team and deals with all our client needs, including Commodities, Project Cargo, Stock throughput & Storage Risks, Fine Art & Exhibitions, General Cargo, Motor Truck Cargo, and Oil & Petroleum.

Capital Market Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance

A Trade Credit & Political Risk insurance can mitigate emerging market risk affecting revenues and coupon payment allowing Rating Agencies to agree to an enhanced rating of the issuance resulting in significant savings to the issuer and improved attractiveness to Investors.

Protection & Indemnity

P&I Insurance provides cover to shipowners, operators and charterers for third party liabilities encountered in the commercial operation of a vessel.

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Documentary Credits & Guarantees

Financial Institutions and their clients are at risk of non-payment under Letters of Credit and other Instruments issued in accordance with UCP 600 and received from overseas Banks. Insurance can be arranged to cover the risk of default by the obligor bank as well as political issues preventing payment.

Electronic Client Portal

If you are an organisation within the marine industry who handles large amounts of insurance documents and/or has the need to share this with a multitude of parties (banks, shipmanagers, investors, superintendents, fleet managers, accounting departments) our Electronic Client Portal may be the solution for you: "We will do the administration for you".

Loss of Hire Insurance

Loss of Hire insurance covers daily loss of income following a physical damage to the vessel. The loss as a general rule must be recoverable under the H&M cover, but can be extended to respond to war risk, and certain non-physical events.

In 2015 we insured a total of 2.5 billion dollars of charter hire.
Mortgagees Interest Insurance

Effective insurance on risks affecting security or collateral is a vital component in asset financier’s risk mitigation process. Mortagee’s Interest Insurance provides a level of additional comfort to the Lender that a loss will be indemnified in the event of the original insurance proving unenforceable.

Structured Trade Finance Insurance

The International Convergence of Capital Measurement Standards, more commonly known as Basel II potentially allows the application of Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance (TCPRI) to achieve a degree of Regulatory Capital Relief through the use of Non-payment Insurance through its use as an acceptable Credit Risk Mitigant (CRM).