You’ll find Edge everywhere marine risk is traded. Marine Risk is the only thing we do, so we know it well, and have attracted others who share our passion.

We’re building a successful global business based on the teamwork, skill and intellect of our employees. As we grow, new challenges emerge and we’re always looking for great people from a variety of backgrounds to help us address them.

In return for your complete commitment Edge gives you the chance to work with the very best, brightest, most experienced people in the marine insurance industry. None of our competitors offer this.

It’s not an easy ride. We expect our young professionals to work hard, work together and to hone their skills continuously through company tutorials and supported study. Those with the right combination of personality, intelligence and ambition forge rewarding careers at Edge.

The opportunities we offer are unique. The commitment we demand is intense. The rewards we share are substantial. Join us.

We believe in equal opportunities for applicants and employees regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity or origin, disability, creed or religion, sexual orientation or age.

‘Equal opportunities’ means we treat everyone with fairness, accepting of differences and the rights of individuals including the right to work in an atmosphere free from intimidation and harassment of any kind.

Edge Group facilitates the employment, retention, training and career development of disabled people. The company will assist disabled job applicants where necessary and treat them fairly throughout selection and into employment.

Trainee programme

The tenets of our highly regarded trainee programme are inspiration, discipline and self-realisation.

The training and development of our staff is an essential part of our commitment to our clients. The only way we can deliver the standards we expect is if we employ the best, most highly skilled people in the industry.

We have developed our own trainee programme, which sets out to provide comprehensive grounding in the world of marine insurance and an introduction to an exciting and lasting career.

Our programme is one of the best in the marine broking industry and it takes three years to complete.

We offer a balanced mix of classroom study, on-the-job training and mentoring from some of the most experienced operators in the industry. Graduates become authorised Marine Brokers, equipped with the basic skills they need to begin work as an international broker in any of our offices around the world.


Responsibility right from the start

At Edge, a trainee position is a job with responsibility. Trainees are important members of our team, and are given real assignments. Working on live projects, gaining unique insights into the Group, is valuable knowledge and experience. Trainees have mentors and work as part of a team.

We monitor trainees’ progress through formal assessments and structured feedback on a half-yearly basis. Mentors and team leaders give continuous feedback throughout the programme, as trainees’ complete their national authorisation procedure, which Edge pays for in accordance with the terms of each contract.

Trainees also undergo several training courses administered by underwriters and partners, spend time at sea with one of our shipping clients, receive training in an underwriting organisation at Lloyd’s or in one of our other markets, and work at one of our offices in London, Singapore, Germany or Norway.

Edge provides all the training that candidates need in order to become brokers. Our trainee programme is a platform for professional growth and development in our industry.

But we cannot manage everything; although we provide every support, self-realisation is an individual responsibility that each trainee must own. We look for evidence of self-discipline, a can-do attitude and a high degree of motivation, for these are the attributes required in order to win trust and build friendships with like-minded people in the most exciting business in the world: international shipping.

We invite candidates to bring talent, fresh thinking and passion to this world.


There are currently no vacancies.


If it looks like there’s nothing here that meets your exact needs, please write to us anyway. As we grow, new challenges emerge and we’re always looking for great people from a variety of backgrounds to help us address them.