Provides cover for your losses arising from a cyberattack as a consequence of damage to the vessel, non-physical Loss of Hire, onshore Business Interruption, Trade Disruption, Extortion & Threat, Liabilities and Defense costs. Our Cyber Risk. Covered solution is tailored to the needs of maritime organizations and developed in cooperation with market leading underwriters.
Applies to:
Any marine operation exposed to cyber risks.
How it works:
The Cyber Insurance solution is an overarching term encompassing different insurances for the various cyber risks that companies in the marine industry are exposed to. We can provide covers for anything from losses which would normally be excluded under Cl. 380, to Extortion and Threat, Business Interruption, Trade Disruption, etc. We can tailor a comprehensive package fitting your business’ total cyber exposures, or stand-alone covers for specific risks.
Norway, Lloyd’s, Continent.
Price Range:
Various, depending on scope of cover, scale of buyers business with the markets offering the product, as well as the insurers’ exposure to the risk. Event-, Fleet-, and Global Limits may apply.
Self Retention:
Various and negotiable.
Time to market:
From 7 days, depending on request.

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