29 Apr 2016 | 

The NHC has today posted the following:
“Mr. Peermohamed has informed that a change to his personal circumstances means he is no longer able to relocate his family to Norway. He will return to London where he expects he will return to practice law. The Board wishes to extend its thanks to Faz for his achievements to date and wishes him all the best for his future. Mr. Hans Christian Seim, the Club’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), will become acting CEO while the board considers succession.

“We are disappointed of the fact that this venture did not work out as we had expected, but then the Board acted accordingly by agreeing the change with Faz without unnecessary delay ,” says Chairman Hans Olav Lindal and continues: “The Board has complete confidence in the dedicated and experienced management team of NHC and in Hans Christian Seim, who is taking the role of acting CEO. The management team was recently further strengthened and the board consider it the most competent team to lead NHC forward, to execute our strategy and continue to deliver the best service possible to our clients, without disruptions.”

The acting CEO, Hans Christian Seim, would like to thank Faz for his efforts during his time as CEO; “He has truly left behind an organisation well fit to take on tomorrow’s challenges.” Hans Christian further emphasizes the importance of the team he is taking over: “The people and knowledge that our clients meet on an everyday basis, are still here and this change will not weaken our first class service. On the contrary; the employees are motivated to prove to the clients that NHC delivers world class service and that we are available to support our clients in the best way possible in the challenging market that we and our clients are facing”.

“NHC approved strategy remains. The opening of the London office being a very important step. NHC is also recruiting new employees that will strengthen NHC’s service to clients, as well as securing the in-house experience transfer from employees that are retiring. All important steps to take NHC forward,” concludes Hans Christian Seim.”

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