We make the following promise to all our clients and potential clients.

We will always do our very best for you, aiming to deliver the highest possible levels of insurance broking competence at all times.

Specifically, the following undertakings are enshrined in our contracts and company policy:

  • Every member of staff assigned to your business will be trained up to or beyond the level of skills and knowledge required to deliver the above;
  • We will take extraordinary steps to understand your business and your insurance needs;
  • Our advice will be relevant, timely and accurate; it will be objective, useful and practical;
  • We will always communicate the full terms of cover before inception;
  • We will always give you clear, timely and accurate information before, during and after placement;
  • We place your interests before our own and adhere to a strict conflict of interest policy;
  • We will always send you documentation which is relevant, timely and accurate; and
  • We will always address your concerns immediately, fairly, and impartially.