13 Sep 2017 | 

Have you ever asked yourself if the marine industry plays a positive role in society? Or if doing your job makes a difference? Do you make a positive contribution? Are you proud of what you do?

We work hard, and it is easy to lose sight of these questions. And yet we know from research that the answers are key to our intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is what drives us to do things simply for the joy of the activity itself. If that’s work, then we’re in a happy place.

The video above is Edge’s attempt to place the global trade and transportation industry, and the marine insurance segment, in this wider context. Because we enjoy what we do.

The animation has been developed in partnership with KILN Research and exactEarth, and is based on data from Clarksons. It shows every single movement of 51,000 ships in the course of a year, and records shipment volumes (eg. the number of cars transported). It also records the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, an issue which is at the forefront of ship design, following emission targets set by the IMO.

Data from all these sources has been combined, with resulting shipping lanes, so we can see how 90% of the goods that sustain our civilisation arrive at their destinations.

Global trade brings peace and prosperity to the world. If you are reading this article you are part of it. Enjoy.

We hope you like the screensaver, which you can download here.


To install as a screensaver follow this procedure:

  1. Download  to your pc using link provided
  2. Extract zip file by right clicking “EdgeScreensaver_2017.scr” and choose “Extract All”
  3. Right click the extracted screensaver file “EdgeScreensaver_2017”, choose “Install” (if Windows Defender warns you of a security risk, choose “More info” on the left, and then “Run anyway”)
  4. Select wait period (defaults to 15 minutes)
  5. Click “OK”
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